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They say write about what you love. We love travel and lifestyle.

Founded by freelance writer Missy Kavanaugh-Carryer, Sweet Relief is a growing agency dedicated to people who sit in front of a blank computer screen waiting for their inner Hemingway to emerge.

We believe it takes more than mere marketing chops to sell a product. It takes innovative thinking. Unlike bigger agencies and online content platforms, we augment our marketing savvy with experience across many disciplines–journalism, public relations, book publishing, and entertainment.

If you’ve run out of words and inspiration, we’re here to provide sweet relief.

Our experience continues to teach us how to connect with customers who are looking to improve their lives, whether it’s buying a new purse, starting a new health regimen, or planning their next big trip.

We intentionally keep our client list exclusive to ensure personalized service, including a post-project follow-ups to ensure we’re producing results and to explore opportunities for improvement.

Beyond producing spectacular results, we’re interested in building a community of people across multiple industries to share ideas and develop mutually beneficial relationships. Imagine what a thriving boutique owner can teach a personal trainer with a new elixir about product placement! Imagine what that personal trainer can teach that boutique owner about appealing to customer motivation.

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