Someone holds the edge of a paper and a pencil as they go over their scriptwriting.

Keep Your Message On-Brand with Solid Scripts

Not everybody feels comfortable in front of the camera. Save time and money with solid scripts that protect your visual message from jangled nerves careening off-topic.

Enhance your project with the kind of narrative video marketing requires to connect with travel or lifestyle audiences. And enjoy collaborating with a scriptwriter who has production experience and knows what brand audiences want to hear and feel.

Create a dynamic final cut from a scriptwriter who:

  • complements your visual concept
  • knows how to coax an emotional response from the viewer
  • ensures seamless collaboration and workflow
  • displays an accommodating attitude
  • provides up to 7 free edits, depending on video length
  • SEO optimizes using keywords you provide or we provide for an additional fee, if desired

Save time searching for a genre-specific writer. We have 10 video options for you right here:

Tell us what type of marketing video you’re producing:

  1. Explainer
  2. Promotional
  3. Commercial
  4. Social Platform
  5. Fundraiser
  6. Corporate
  7. Training
  8. Animation voice over
  9. Case Study
  10. Educational

And what type of format you require:

  • A/V
  • Structural
  • Interview
  • Feature
  • Audio

Scriptwriting rates invoiced by the minute.

Scripts delivered in doc form to your file-sharing workspace or email inbox.

Your digital content includes:

  • free edits (quantity based on word count)
  • SEO optimization using keywords you provide or we furnish for an additional fee
  • document delivery via email, shared workspace or direct upload to CMS
  • a plagiarism check
  • clear and consistent communication throughout your project
  • a post – project check-in after 6 months